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December 4, 2006

An Overview of CALI

John Mayer, the Executive Director of CALI, prepared the following three screencasts as part of a presentation he gave last week.  I thought they might be of interest here since they give a good overview of where CALI is at today and where are headed in the coming months.

-Elmer Masters

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CALI has really exploded since I last checked it out in 2002. The presentation doesn't mention that CALI provides web-based services such as Moodle, which might have saved our CyberOne extension class some heartache this past semester. Given Blackboard's patent practices, I think the academic community has a strong interest in supporting and developing open-source alternatives, whether Moodle, Sakai, or something else.

eLangdell sounds like a wonderful innovation with many possible offshoots -- I'm excited that technology has finally caught up with the dreams that many of us had years (or even decades) ago. Please keep us updated on CALI's activities, and congratulations on reaching 25 years of service to law schools!

Posted by: Gene Koo | Dec 7, 2006 1:21:30 PM

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