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January 27, 2007

Teaching innovation war stories (blog edition)

Kudos to Mark for his suggestion that we use this space to highlight individual stories of innovation within the classroom.  I hope co-bloggers and commentors might jump in.

I have already noted here that this semester I am experimenting with a class blog for my course on the Death Penalty, cleverly titled Death Penalty Course @ Moritz College of Law.   Though my students might have a different view, three weeks in I consider the blog a great success (and it has me thinking I will make a blog a regular feature of all my upper-level courses).

For more innovation war stories that involve a class blog, check out this post at the Antitrust & Competition Policy Blog.  In the post, Randy Picker of the University of Chicago explains the different ways he uses a class blogs in his Network Industries course (found here) and in his Antitrust and IP seminar (found here).

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