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February 14, 2007

Yet another on-line law journal supplement

Thanks to Brian Leiter, I now see that the Texas Law Review has joined the club of leading law review with an on-line supplement.  This one is called "See Also" and is visually colored in a warn to warm the heart of every Longhorn.  Here's the official description:

See Also is an online companion to the Texas Law Review that presents responses and critiques of recently published articles in the Review.  For each issue of the Review, See Also features responses from members of the academic community and practitioners, styled as op-ed pieces, in order to promote further discussion of the topics addressed in the Review. In addition, See Also provides a forum for our readers to offer their own thoughts and perspectives.

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It could be that these on-line supplements will end up going one of two ways= either fading away in favor of the printed versions, or the printed versions fading away as the electronic take over. I think that in the long term the latter is more likely than the former.

Posted by: Mark Osler | Feb 15, 2007 10:02:13 AM

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