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April 11, 2007

Typepad Seems Lousy for Macs

Link: Law School Innovation.

Why can't Typepad improve its interface for Macs?

When I post to this implementation of Typepad via a Mac, Typepad almost always loses the paragraphs, resulting in a long, stream of consciousness-type post (for an example, see how it treated David Cole's Wash Post op-ed below). [Typepad did this to this very post initially, but then I inserted HTML code to mark the paragraphs.]

To be fair, the implementation of Typepad on my Chander.com website does not have this problem, though it doesn't handle other types of formatting and pictures when I blog via the Mac as well as it does than when I blog via a PC.

Six Degrees (Typepad's makers)--it's now 2007. Can't we figure out how to integrate Macs into the blogosphere?

--Anupam Chander

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