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June 27, 2007

A lot of new buzz about rankings, though little talk of innovation

Perhaps in part because the summer is the time for admitted law students to decide where they are going, there lately has been lots of new buzz about law school rankings.  For example, the Wall Street Journal has this new article, entitled "Law Schools Also Ranked By Blogs Now," and the WSJ Law Blog has this follow-up post that has generated interesting comments.  Meanwhile, over at the National Law Journal there is this new article, entitled "Law Schools Unlikely to Boycott Magazine Rankings: Fallout from liberal arts boycott of 'U.S. News & World Report' survey minimal."  Disappointingly, I see little discussion of innovation in this coverage of rankings.

Perhaps this blog should start its own ranking of the most innovative law school.  I think my own school  has a number of innovative programs, though I am not sure how exactly I would develop a metric for ranking law school innovations.  Readers are highly encouraged in the comments to (1) suggest ways to assess/measure law school innovation, and (2) nominate particular school for top innovators.

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