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May 21, 2007

What's different about the curriculum at evangelical law schools?

Though Jeralyn at TalkLeft is troubled by the rise of evangelical law schools discussed in this Chicago Tribune article, I am intrigued by this phenomenon.  Specifically, befitting this blog, I wonder whether and how these law school bring innovate techniques into the curriculum as part of their distinctive educational missions.

Though I suppose I could look this up, I wonder if readers know whether there are unique courses or programs at evangelical law schools.  I am often intrigued by the lack of innovation in traditional law school curriculum, and I would suspect that these new law school might look for new ways to train new lawyers.  I especially wonder if there is any evidence that unique classes or teaching techniques at these law schools might produce unique qualities and talents in lawyers.

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A Primer for New Teachers

According to Howard Katz (Charlotte) and Kevin Oneill (Cleveland-Marshall) "no article ... has ever furnished detailed and comprehensive advice on how to teach a law school course — from choosing a book and designing a syllabus to orchestrating the classroom experience to creating and grading the final exam. That's the aim of their new article, Strategies and Techniques of Law School Teaching: A Primer for New Teachers, which is available on SSRN. -- Joe Hodnicki

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