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August 3, 2007

More info for hiring?

As we move towards fall, hiring committees will soon be poring over the AALS hiring forms for potential candidates.  In looking those over, I have always been surprised at how short a form it is.  That has a real benefit, of course-- it makes it very easy to review quickly.

Is there any bit of information that people would like to see added to that form?

-- Mark Osler

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July 30, 2007

The Problem With Summer

France_spring_2006_153Now we have entered the heart of the summer, where the students are off doing other things and many of the professors are, too.  The schools themselves are quiet, and some are even locked up.  It's all a part of the ebb and flow of the school year, of course, and necessary in a way.

Perhaps, though, there is a way to end the sometimes near-total discontinuity between summer and the school year.  I have been pondering the fact that many of my students are out there right now working on real cases, getting the kind of experience that isn't always possible while classes are going on, but there is no carry-over into the school year.  Is there a way to use these experiences within the curriculum, beyond the "What I did with my summer" essay?

I have been pondering using some of the students' completed cases in my criminal practice class in place of hypotheticals, which would give that student the ability to offer real-life insights into how a conclusion was reached.  Of course, we would have to be  careful of attorney-client privilege in doing so.  This won't be such a problem with prosecutorial interns, of course, but I do want to be sensitive to not letting out sensitive or embarassing information.

Has anyone else tried anything like this?

-- Mark Osler

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