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February 22, 2008

More stuff from the Future of Legal Ed Conference

The conference organizers indicated that it may take a week to post some of the presentations so far. I'm going to share the ones that they distributed via USB drives (a neat trick, that):

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Gene, I checked out the power-point of your casebook presentation and was surprised and disappointed not to see mention of blogs. I have now used blogs for class materials in many classes, and once as the exclusive source for readings. I think, at least at the outset, blogs can/should be a starting point for the creation of e-law books.

More generally, how much blog talk is there at this conference? How many participants are active bloggers? Active blog readers? Inquiring law blogging LSIs want to know.

Posted by: Doug B. | Feb 23, 2008 5:28:42 PM

Well, my guesstimate was that there weren't too many bloggers or folks familiar with blogs, so rather than go down a rabbit-hole I decided to use as few technical (or techno-cultural) terms as possible in the presentation. I couldn't tell how many bloggers there were in the audience because we had almost no opportunity to interact with each other. (Part of this is my fault as I skipped the one chance to do so, the reception). Oops, this is on the record, isn't it? :)

Posted by: Gene Koo | Feb 25, 2008 2:43:07 PM

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