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June 30, 2008

Keeping up with the law...

With the flurry of exciting cases last week coming down from the Supreme Court, I was anxious to talk about some of the outcomes.  However, when I tried to engage students in conversation about it, I was surprised how many had not read the opinions or even know what the key holdings were.  I suppose that they might be so overwhelmed by reading for class that such detours are impossible, but if so, that worries me.

The Heller case (finding an individual Second Amendment right), for example, was genuinely historic.  It will be taught in Con Law classes decades from now, and its announcement should have caused some kind of pause in our hallways. 

Did other people notice the same thing?  Is there a way to build into the life of the law school a systemic way to discuss landmark cases as they come down?

-- Mark Osler

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It is indeed a disturbing and sad development that students are not discussing these new U.S. Supreme Court decisions. Perhaps there was more discussion of the California Same-Sex Marriage decision issued earlier this year, but I imagine that very few students took the time to read the actual court opinion.

Posted by: Mark Wojcik | Jul 1, 2008 4:46:52 PM

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