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September 27, 2008

Liveblogging the Future of the Law School Casebook workshop part 4

This final segment of the workshop, excepting dinner, asks participants, "Where do we go from here?" Ron Collins now believes "the future is only across the street" -- it is not that far away, if we can collaborate.

Specific ideas after the jump.

  • Pick one first-year subject that spans all schools in which to work out all the kinks
  • Berkman & CALI is convening such a meeting, in the cyberlaw area
  • Law schools can open their law journals for open access to unknot the problem identified in the last session
  • Create a consortium in which law schools buy out one of the top casebooks to put into a desired platform
  • Chip in for an extreme course makeover. "Pimp my course" :)
  • Open this conversation to a wider public participation (this was a closed workshop)
  • AALS session: how to do this, get a big room of people on board
  • Or a summer program / writer's retreat, rather than at AALS
  • Collaborate among publishers so we don't have separate, non-interoperable silos.
  • Publishers: join IDEF to support standards as they converge. PDF + EPub, etc. They may not be the best, but they are going to be standard.
  • We want one platform, not unlike iTunes -- creators should be able to sell/offer their materials without having their own music stores.
  • CALI, as a nonprofit consortium of almost all American law schools, stand ready to provide that platform, open-source if desired.
  • So does Sony (not the nonprofit part)
  • We need both motivation and training for professors, once we have a platform to push them into
  • Build a prototype to get people excited.

Official notes for session 4

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