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September 12, 2008

The Unlinked Blog

Reading Jim's post below, I wondered (for a short moment) why my personal blog isn't linked to my faculty page.  Then I remembered-- it isn't linked because my personal blog is often, well, silly.  Though it at times it can be serious, especially as related to experiences involving students, it more often is about goofy things at the school, bad poetry contests, intra-faculty trash-talking, and the occasional rant.

The purpose of that blog, of course, is not a simple presentation or discussion of legal issues.  The purpose is to engage with the students at multiple levels, as a complete person.  I started it at a time when there was some measure of discord between our students and faculty, as a way of bridging that gap.  In that sense, it has been successful, and most of my hits and comments are from my students and former students.

But still, it's probably best not to link it to the faculty page-- people might get the wrong idea, and think I am something other than serious academic.

-- Mark Osler


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I think each of needs to have a pretty high-set TMI filter that we employ in matters like this. My borderline activities are limited to posting the URLs of my Dylan concert reviews (that appear on boblinks.com) on a law blog where I am a permanent guest blogista (Clinicians With Not Enough To Do [if anyone is wondering, I last directed a clinic in 1990, but who is counting?), and in the bi-monthly "faculty doings" email to my colleagues, I'll add a paragraph about my fishing exploits if there is anything to report. But otherwise, i think it is a good thing that my private life is, well, private.
YMMV, of course...

Posted by: Michael Perlin | Sep 13, 2008 7:40:25 AM

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