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November 23, 2008

What should we make of all the law profs involved in the Obama transition?

Professor Nan Hunter has this helpful post compiling information on all the law professors who are playing formal roles in the Obama transition.  As of this writing, the post is headlined "Law professors in the Obama administration: 35 and counting."

To my knowledge, there has never been a formal head-count of how many law professors were involved in prior presidential transitions.  Still, the number already involved in the Obama transition seems high, though I suppose not surprisingly high given that both the President-Elect and the Vice-President-Elect are law profs themselves.

Of course, as a personal friend and fan of many law profs (including some on this growing list assembled by Nan Hunter), I am inclined to say "the more, the merrier" when thinking about law profs in the new administration.  But maybe others have different views.

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