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May 30, 2008

Local Law School Blogospheres

I have become fascinated with the local blogospheres that have developed at different law schools.  Some are extensive, integrated, and active.  Others are diffuse or have died out after an apparently active period.  They (or at least the active ones) serve several roles, including school newspaper, discussion room, and meeting place between faculty and students outside of the normal course of business.

Here at Baylor, the blogs are inter-linked and conversations will often bounce from one to the other.  The components of the blogosphere include the following:

1)  12-20 student blogs at any given time.

2)  An administration blog (by the career services office).

3)  Two personal blogs by faculty members.

4)  A few blogs by adjuncts.

5)  A couple stray blogs by those who wandered in and wanted to stay.

On my own personal blog, I have about 250 hits a day, mostly from students, parents of students, and alums.  It is only one small part of the local blogosphere, but I hope it serves a positive leadership role and has inspired some others to join in. 

Given that a blogosphere like we have at Baylor has become a primary way of conveying communications about the school, can it be turned to the purposes of development?  All of us in the blogosphere have an interest in building the school, and there is not doubt that over the next few decades the blogosphere will be the primary link many alums have to the institution.  Is it appropriate for the upper administration to participate in this blogosphere?  Can it be used for the greater good, without compromising the independence of those participating?

-- Mark Osler


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