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March 19, 2009

A not-so-innovative way to deal with tough times: head to law school

At the Wall Street Journal, Nathan Koppel has this new piece headlined "Best Defense? Seeking a Haven in Law School," which reports that a down economy has meant an uptick in law school application. Here are particulars:

The job market for lawyers, hit hard by the recession, seems to reach new lows every day. But that has not done much to discourage the thousands who are lining up to become the next generation of attorneys.

In seeming defiance of logic, many law schools are surging in popularity. At Washington and Lee University in Virginia, for example, law-school applications are up 29% this year over 2008, while Yale Law School and the University of Texas School of Law both enjoyed an 8% increase in applications. Nationwide, the total number of applicants is up by 2% over last year, with the deadline to submit applications having passed at most schools.

College graduates, educators say, are seeking refuge from the economy in the relative tranquility of higher education, hoping that the job market will improve by the time they graduate. Law schools also have been aided by the long-held belief that the legal business is relatively immune from recessions....

School administrators seize on the versatility of a law degree in asserting that it is still a sound investment. Lawyers, they say, will play a central role in navigating a variety of issues, such as the use of natural resources, cross-border trade and government stimulus spending, which likely will play a central role in the economy for years to come.

The very large jump in applications at Washington and Lee seems especially notable in light of its innovative (some might say radical) reform of its entire 3L program (discussed here).  One year's application data does not prove that students are voting with their feet for innovations, but this seems like a possible trend worth watching.

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Because each lawyer destroys at least $million each year alive, this noxious, harmful enterprise should be regulated. There are 1.3 million lawyers, about 500,000 too many for our population and economy. A third of the schools should be closed as public nuisances. The selection should take out the First Tier of the US New Report survey. These are horrible people seeking to destroy our nation. Consider closing them by sending the National Guard, and laying down an artillery barrage on these nests of cult indoctrination during final exams. The indoctrination is so strong, I bet no one tries to run out. They keep going as the walls and ceilings are coming down.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Mar 19, 2009 10:32:28 PM

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