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July 5, 2009

Seeking news, reports, information on serious summer innovations

The summer of 2009 would seem to present a uniquely vibrant opportunity for law school innovations. 

A down job market for both recent grad and summer associates likely creates lots of potential "human capital" for innovative summer law school programming (and a lack of real capital might demand some true inventiveness by Deans to fund and staff such programs).  Meanwhile, a new Administration in DC run by a lawyer and former law professor (which has hired a whole lot of other law professors), as well as a pending Supreme Court transition with Senate hearings scheduled for mid July, could and should present lots of new and perhaps novel topics for public-interest-oriented activities.

Though there may not be a rash of innovative activities this summer, I am hopeful that folks might report in the comments or via e-mail any exciting new happenings at law schools this summer.

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I suggest that all entering law students buy a copy of Mao's Little Red Book.


Whenever, the professor uses a cult indoctrination method, such as humiliation, or intimidation, the entire class start banging the book on the desk, shouting, "Death to the Cult." Whenever the cult indoctrinator utters a statement that is not a fact in nature, do the same. Examples include future forecasting, mind reading, fictional characters setting standards of conduct, but who are really lawyer code for Jesus Christ, the finding of truth by twelve strangers off the street using their gut feelings, after those with knowledge have been excluded, that the Constitution has any tolerance of judicial review. All cult garbage doctrines, not facts in nature.

If this continues, the students should bring a big Dunce Cap, force the cult criminal to don it, and to face the wall.


If any student, wishes to sue a law school for the intentional tort of criminal cult indoctrination without written consent, or proper warning, or even disclosure, please, ask Prof. Berman to get you in touch with me. I can find a lawyer to review the case. You may be owed money damages.

Imagine, a law school teaches the real world, rather than the above psychotic delusions. If something were more innovative, I would love to hear about it.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Jul 9, 2009 9:53:27 PM

They sure speak as if ministers, with language and methods boldly plagiarized, unchanged, from the catechism. And that is true of all law schools.


But, that is unlawful in our secular nation, as would any methodology from any religion based jurisprudence would be. This adherence is not just to universal rules ("Thou shall not kill."). It includes adherence to religion based procedure ("elements," "intent," "defenses"). No one would object if the law were effective. But all self-stated goals of all legal subjects are in failure. The reason? Obsolete methods from the High Middle Ages. No other enterprise could work well if it restricted itself to knowledge and methods from 1250 AD. If a builder, doctor, water engineer were to operate with the methods of that time, they would not be sued. They would be arrested, as a threat to public safety. The lawyer and judge have dealt themselves substantial immunity from accountability. Immunity is not good for the advancement of a profession in failure.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Jul 10, 2009 5:16:14 AM

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