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July 21, 2010

The most important thing

About 80% of my upper-level criminal students want to become prosecutors.  For those students, I know exactly what the most important thing I have to tell them is:  That they should be certain that their cases make something better, improve society or solve a problem, rather than just being "wins" because someone goes to prison.

Yet, I often fail to emphasize or even get around to this most important thing.  It is a terrible failure.  I get tied up in trying to describe the hopelessly complex sentencing guidelines or the state scheme or the death penalty and somehow... the class ends and I never stood up for what was most important.

No more, though.  I know this maxim isn't testable, and am well aware that it cannot take up much class time if I am to teach doctrine, but no longer will I fail to describe what is most important because the thick dross of rules has so obscured my vision.

--Mark Osler

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These prosecutors get experience, then become private defense lawyers. They want to be in the newspapers, to generate clients for the coming defense work.

How about this as an alternative goal? Try prosecuting the ultra-vicious, ultra-dangerous violent offenders before others. Today these junior government cult criminals are lazy, stupid, and self dealing. They prosecute the easy cases, especially if of a celebrity to get into the papers, then are unavailable for the really dangerous, repeat offenders. These are free to terrorize our people, nearly immunized from prosecution by these government incompetents.

Say, I am totally wrong about an individual student cult criminal. Say, he is a zealous, anti-crime prosecutor. Too bad. He is an at will employee. He will get crushed by the political hack running his office. Vicious illegal drug gangs are so wealthy, they have bought a lot of local business. They make campaign contributions to politicians. The latter will insure that the interest of the illegal alien paramilitary organized gang does not get hassled.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Sep 3, 2010 12:56:26 AM

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