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September 29, 2011

More, Cheaper Lawyers Needed (A comment on "law school scams")

In the "law school scam" dust-up, there has sometimes been inadequate attention paid to the gaping need for lawyers. The worry is that a proliferation of law schools is producing too many attorneys for the market to bear, leaving many jobless.

In my experience, many ordinary people need lawyers, but many also believe that they cannot afford the lawyers they need. (Yet other ordinary people might well benefit from legal advice, but not recognize their own need.) They suffer injustices silently, even when the law would be on their side.

I am not arguing in favor of a more litigious society--lawyers can often prove useful in putting deals together, benefitting both parties--and ensuring that neither is unduly exploited in the relationship.

Thus, trying to reduce the number of law graduates might itself leave a world with a greater measure of injustice.

One solution is to make law school cheaper--and thus make it possible for lawyers to perhaps lower their fees to make justice more accessible for ordinary people. An alternative is to offer loan forgiveness programs tied to lower-than-usual earnings.

The concept of "low-bono" is a particularly valuable one in this regard--providing affordable representation, yet still allowing lawyers to make a living.

Anupam Chander

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We have 1.3 million lawyers for 300 million people. Japan has 20,000 lawyers for 100 million people. They have a low crime rate. South American countries have more lawyers than the US, and a higher crime rate. The lawyer protects the criminal. The American family is being destroyed by the lawyer attacking it from all angles to generate fees. The lawyer intimidated banks into giving mortgages to crackheads, and caused the economic crisis. Name a social or economic problem in our nation, lawyers are the main cause.

The profession is in utter failure in every self-stated goal of every law subject. Yet, they have totally infiltrated the government and make 99% of policy decisions, mostly in their own economic and power self interest.

A better proposal would be to close the top half of all law schools. Arrest the entire lawyer hierarchy, around 15,000 people. Give them an hour's fair trial. There would be no gotcha of any collateral corruption. Their legal utterances would be the sole evidence. Then they should all be executed for their insurrection against the Constitution, especially Article I Section 1. To deter.

When the lawyer profession has been limited and deterred, what is the alternative? Self help. If a criminal mugs someone, all citizens should have a duty to carry a weapon, and to kill the criminal. Most divorces are from low conflict, and unnecessary. An EBay rating system can replace contract law. There is a 95% rate of keeping promises on EBay. Contract law is worthless for any matter worth under $million.

The lawyer is not only unnecessary, but toxic to our economy, to our civilization, a pestilence. Why would anyone sane want a bigger pestilencial plague?

Don't bother rebutting. Any statement will be self-dealing, and devoid of validity.

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