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September 21, 2011

What are the best (and worst) law review websites?

At a production meeting for the Ohio State specialty journal for which I serve as a faculty editor, the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law, I told the senior student editors that I believed OSJCL has one of the very best, if not the best, journal website I know.  Here are some of the reasons I make this claim:

1.  All of the OSJCL's content is fully available on-line and for free, and new content from new issues are put up on this website even before the hard-copy journal gets into circulation.

2.  All of OSJCL's content is easy to see an access on the website whether searching by issues, or by authors, or by article title, and all pieces come up as user-friendly pdfs with proper pagination.

3.  The OSJCL website has some additional content beyond the journal's print materials via a special section called OSJCL Amici: Views from the Field.

4.  The OSJCL website includes this page with simple instructions for those interested in submitting drafts for publication consideration and this page with simple instructions (and an on-line form) concerning about subscriptions.

Because a few additional pages of the website are not always subject to timely updating, I think there is still room for improvement at the OSJCL journal website.  Still, because primary hard-copy content is king and because that part of the website is always easy to navigate and completely free to access, I am still prepared to put the OSJCL site in a top tier of law journal websites.

Can readers report other journal websites they really like and/or mention specific features of a journal's website that is especially valuable?  Alternatively, if folks want to call out terrible journal websites or problematic feature of some sites, that would be cool, too.

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Some other valuable features of an online law journal website:

(1) Fully searchable content
(2) Posted in a format other than (and can be in addition to) PDFs (which would aid in request #1)
(3) An obvious statement of copyright (and ideally have all material in journal be OA and CC licensed)
(4) An index. Which is not totally necessary, but hey, if I'm shooting for the moon here...

Posted by: Sarah Glassmeyer | Sep 21, 2011 6:24:38 PM

What are your thoughts about law review websites using Digital Commons? This seems to be an accelerating trend right now.

Posted by: David Holt | Sep 22, 2011 2:16:38 PM

Switch to a new topic without warning.

Posted by: alltec.us | Oct 22, 2012 9:51:24 PM

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