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September 19, 2012

Mentoring-- innovative, practical, and achievable

One of the things we do well here at St. Thomas is establish mentor relationships for our students with lawyers in the community-- every student has a mentor.

Neil Hamilton and Verna Monson have done some significant and important work in this area, and are going to be sharing it at this event:

The University of St. Thomas is hosting a conference on law school mentor programs on October 4-6.  The conference,  Managing Mentor Programs in a Time of Change, will host faculty, law school staff members, and members of the bar for two days to discuss how to best implement and manage mentor conferences.  The University of St. Thomas is a good place for the discussion as since its founding the school has had a one to one mentoring program as part of the curriculum and one of the sessions will be on the work of Neil Hamilton and Verna Monson who are using metrics to measure the impact of mentoring on professional development.   More information about the conference can be found at:  www.stthomas.edu/law/mentorconference2012 .  The main sponsor of the conference is the National Legal Mentoring Consortium who also has a  new web page at www.legalmentoring.org

-- Mark Osler

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